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Matteo is a second year GP trainee living in a small town near Turin.
He joined the Movimento Giotto and the Vasco da Gama Movement right after the beginning of the Residency Program, he took part in the Wonca European Conference in Copenhagen and had an Hippokrates Exchange in Lugano (Switzerland) in december ‘16. Before joining the Italian Residency Program he organized by himself a sort of Hippokrates exchange in London (Hampstead Heath Group Practice) in February ‘15. Currently he is the Elected Italian Delegate to VdGM.
From a scientific point of view, he is deeply interested
in Chronic Pain Management and Relationship with the Patient.



Stefano is a General Practitioner living in Udine. He joined the Movimento Giotto in 2014 after attending the second National Congress. He actively took part in the organization of the third National Congress of the Giotto Movement held in Verona in 2016.
He attended the the VdGM Forum in Dublin, the WONCA Europe Congress in Istanbul and lastly in Copenhagen, bringing its own contribution with a 5-minute presentation. He currently is a member of the Italian Society of Family Medicine and Primary Care (SIMG) and Regional Exchange Coordinator for the Friuli Venezia Giulia Italian Region. From a scientific point of view he is interested in Allergo-pneumology and Didactics.



Simone lives in Modena, he is a GP and nursing home doctor. He joined the Giotto Movement in 2015 participating in an Hippokrates exchange in Amsterdam and other VdGM and Wonca activities.
Currently he is the second National Exchange Coordinator. He earned MSc degree in palliative care at the University of Bologna and attended different Hospices in Italy and abroad (MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Clinica Universidad de Navarra in Pamplona and Laurens Hospice in Rotterdam).
He developed a special interest in Palliative & Elderly care and he is attending the European Palliative Care Academy (EUPCA) Leadership course 2015-2017.


Orbetello (GR)

Jacopo is a Family Doctor, entrepreneur and teacher. He is currently working in the Out of Hours service in the province of Grosseto, Tuscany. He is the Italian Delegate to the VdGM Europe Council from Wonca Conference 2014. He attended the first VdGM Forum in Barcelona in 2014, the Wonca Conference 2014 in Lisbon, the VdGM Forum 2015 in Dublin presenting a keynote on PIIGS, the Wonca Copenhagen 2016 presenting a paper on Patient Partnership Project (in collaboration with the University of MontreĢal). He is involved in several research projects and he became in 2016 Italian Responsible for EurOOHnet, the European network for research in Out of Hours.
From a scientific point of view, he is interested in oncology, chronic pain management, palliative care, eHealth and ICT in medicine and medical education.



Alessandro is a family doctor since 2015. He lives in Florence and he works as GP in a small town close to Florence.
He is member of the European Forum of primary care advisory board for the term 2016-19, he also is president of Movimento Giotto for the term 2016-18 and also a host for Hippokrates exchange program from 2017.
He is interested in all the aspects of family medicine and primary care issues, especially in the quality of care field, interprofessional care and team based work, research and training.



Nicola is a General Practitioner living and working in Florence and the vice president of the Giotto Movement for the term 2016- 2018. Since December 2016, when he took the degree as GP, he started to gain experience in Primary Care working as GP and in the Out-of-Hour service. He approached the Giotto Movement in 2014 during the Second Congress, he is an active member since 2016 and he has also contributed to the organization of the last congress held in Verona in May 2016. He took part at the WONCA Europe meeting in Copenhagen last june where he presented a multicenter study on Italian training in general practice currently conducting together with the GP group of the Italian network for the teaching of Global Health (RIISG). It is also part of the “Nograzie” group studying and promoting the debate on the topic of the conflict of interests in medicine.
From a scientific point of view it is also interested in medical education and peer education, global and public health issues.



Alessio is a young GP currently working in a touristic primary care clinic on Mount Etna, Sicily He is the Italian National Exchange Coordinator, member of the VdGM Image Group and has been an active member of the Vasco da Gama Movement and the Giotto Movement since 2014 participating in several conference exchanges abroad (Madrid, Liverpool, Cluj-Napoca), actively attending WONCA Conferences in Lisbon, Istanbul, Copenhagen and Rio de Janeiro with posters and workshops, and organizing the first Italian Conference Exchange in 2016.
He is also a trained clinical sexologist and his main scientific areas of interest are Evidence Based Medicine, Debunking Health Myths, Sexual Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle.



Giorgio is a Sicilian Family doctor and he is currently working in the Out of Hours service in a small town close to Palermo. He joined Movimento Giotto and Vasco de Gama Movement since the second national congress in Modena.
Since that he became an active member in the exchanges, hosting in his town an Hippocrates Portuguese GP trainee and a Latvian young GP for the Mini-exchange before the the third national congress of Movimento Giotto held in Verona. He did
two Conference Exchanges, in Madrid and in Frankfurt, and he took part in the Wonca European Conference in Copenhagen.
He is interested in Complementary and Alternative Medicine and he is studying Chinese medicine and Acupuncture. He is also interested in History, Didactics and in Communication.